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School Supplies for The Students in Malawi

‘the shoreline’ school supply fundraiser

Knowing that Malawi is a very poor country, and the Why Wait? program is in desperate need of help, the SAFE Board Education Committee held a school supply fundraiser. We asked families at ‘the shoreline’ church to donate supplies like markers, pencils, crayons, and notebooks. About a month before the local schools began, there was a table a church containing these items. Items were priced 5 for $10, in order to raise a substantial amount for SAFE’s Why Wait? For two consecutive Sundays, supplies were sold and an amazing total of $1,587 was raised! We were extremely thankful for the success and God’s provision over the event and the Malawian people. 
We had communicated with SAFE staff in Malawi prior to the event to ask what supplies they needed most, and the answer was Bibles. Bibles they would use for the Why Wait? curriculum to teach the young adults that they are special and that God loves them. 
We hope that this will be the first annual event and we will be able to continue at ‘the shoreline’ church next summer and hopefully expand to other churches as well. Since most families only earn about $1 a day in Malawi, the success of the fundraiser proved its worth with very minimal effort. It only took a few days to organize the event and two Sundays to sell all of the supplies.
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