Sponsor a Gogo

Sponsor A Village Gogo

who is raising the orphans of HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Africa’s unsung heros are the poor village gogos (grandmothers) each struggling to raise, on average, three of the millions of orphans of AIDS. (Some have 5 or 6 or more orphans.)

Your gift of just $30 a month provides all this:
  • Two critical applications of fertilizer to assure a good maize crop, guaranteeing food security all year for her family of orphans.
  • A warm blanket and mosquito net for each.
  • A school uniform, shoes, sweater, theme books, pens and textbook so each school-age child can go to school.
  • Support for village pre-school workers and a feeding program to assure that each vulnerable child has a meal.
  • A staff person, equipped with a vehicle, to attend every monthly village Gogo Grandmothers meeting to deliver spiritual teaching and training on hygiene, nutrition and child development (most of the gogos are illiterate), and to evaluate and distribute what the member gogos need.
In response to your sponsorship commitment, a photo of the gogos and children in your assigned village, a village map and information will be mailed to you. Get regular updates, prayer requests and news from our email newsletters.
How Sponsorship for a Village Gogo Works

Your Gogo sponsorship is combined with sponsorships from other individuals and groups to fully support a specific village Gogo Grandmothers program for an average of 59 gogos. While your gift is not attached to a specific grandmother and orphans in that village, it does assure that the needs are met for one (or more) of the poor gogos and the orphans in her care.

This village Gogo Grandmothers community-based program begins when a local village chief and committee invite our SAFE staff to bring assistance services and to train workers in the village. In addition, the village itself contributes what it can to make a preschool and feeding program successful.
Begin Your Sponsorship Right Here
(Online sponsorship enrollment is under construction.
View and print a PDF file of the sponsorship form by clicking here.)
Sponsorships for a gogo can be sent to:
Gogo Grandmothers
3460 Marron Road, Suite 103-476
Oceanside, Ca 92056-4675

Visit www.gogograndmothers.com for more information.

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