Welcome to the SAFE Africa store! Feel free to look around and make a purchase. All of your purchases go to distribution projects and building projects within Malawian villages. Don’t forget, your purchases our tax deductible and we thank you for your care and support.

A School Book

Purchase a book and help assist in our Book Distribution Project in schools.

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Purchase a Bible to help assist in our Bible Distribution Project.

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Build a Complete Preschool

The CBCC (preschool) will be funded by you and built by the village people. The entire amount funds not only the building but the supervisors and professionals that oversee the project. The CBCC is used not only as a school but is a multipurpose building for an entire village.

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Donate 100 Bricks

Donate bricks to build a preschool.

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School Supplies

Your purchase of school supplies will assist our WhyWait? teachers and their students.

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School Uniform

By buying a school uniform for a student they will be allowed to go to school.

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