SAFE is a local faith-based non-governmental organization (NGO), which was registered in Malawi in1993 to address the HIV/AIDS pandemic. At the request of the Malawi Ministry of Education, in 1994 it developed a life skills curriculum, WHY WAIT?, for implementation by teachers in government primary and secondary schools throughout the country.

To encourage both youth and families to implement God’s persepctive of the “A, B, C” of HIV/AIDS prevention so that:

  • Abstinence – Affirms both the dignity and responsibility of human sexuality.
  • Be faithful – Builds strong supportive families which will encourage both A and B.
  • In order to do this, C becomes “Christ-like Character” demonstrating:


thus being able to enjoy true Companionship.

As the founders, Dick and Charlotte Day, immersed themselves in the African culture through the development of the WhyWait?? program , they soon realized the basic needs of the children and their families were incredibly lacking. A much larger picture developed for Dick and Charlotte. Due to a dying generation of parents infected with HIV/AIDS, many orphans were left behind with only their GOGOs (grandparents) to care for them. On average, GOGOs in the villages were caring for 3 or more orphans. As a result, the GOGO Grandmothers ministry developed which is a grandparent to grandparent sponsorship program.

As the SAFE staff worked in and through the villages, the overwhelming needs of the village children became apparent. To meet those needs, SAFE developed an ECD/OVC (Early Childhood Development/Orphans & Vulnerable Children) program. This program has built preschools, provided nourishment, education and Biblical training for children 8 years and younger, especially those affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

As the above illustration portrays, Sub Saharan Africa Family Enrichment (SAFE) is a ministry dedicated to addressing all areas that encompass the devastation that is HIV/AIDS.

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